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And they call it... Money Love.

Two new UK polymer notes and NOW a new £1 UK coin. It's all gone a bit bonkers here...

New GBP1 Coin on Digital Caliper

This week we have finally tested our Coin Sorting Machines with the bulk general-released 2017 £1 coins. We were 95% sure our upgrade design would be fine, we've been holding off on shipping orders of the machines until we have been able to test them properly and be absolutely certain.


Compact Pro NCH201 Coin Counter and Sorter

Compact Pro Professional NCH202 High Speed Coin

Comprehensive Machine Tests New GBP 1

The Technical Bit

The new pre-release 2017 £1 samples supplied a while ago by the Royal Mint helped us design the upgrade. From which we ascertain weight, dimensions, and assess the alloy and/or detection properties.

- Nerd alert at it's widest point the new 12-sided GBP1 coin is 23.42mm wide, whereas at the thinnest point (flat side to flat side) it is 23.07mm wide. The angular design makes them pretty volatile when passed at high speeds.


Buyers must beware older coin racks, coin sorters, coin scales that have not been properly upgraded (inc cheap 'Chinese' imports).

Also remember - The old £1 coin will no longer be legal tender after October 2017. So time to get rid.

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