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Software Update

A new update has been realised for the NCH027, this adds the ability for it to read Northern Irish polymer notes. Scottish polymer notes were realised in 2017, so your NCH027 can already read Scottish polymer notes. Northern Irish polymer notes have only recently been realised.


Your NCH027 machine can be updated in two ways.

-SD Card



How to update with a SD card

To do this you will need to purchase a SD card by clicking this text here. If you have more than one machine you can reuse the same card on them all.


1.) Place the card in the Micro SD slot in the back.


2.) Ensure the machine is currently switched off.

3.) Hold down the power and CLR buttons at the same time. The device will now light up with lines on the screen.


4.) When the lines come on the screen, let go of both buttons.

5.) The device will now make a beep and power off.

6.) The update is now complete.


How to update via USB

You will need a mini USB cable. If you want to purchase one, you can do so by clicking this text here. This is an example of a 3rd party who sells this cable. We do not know this company.


1.) Download the current update and installation software from click this text here. (When it asks you to create an account, click no thanks. Then click download at the top right corner).

2.) Plug the NCH027 into the computer.

3.) Hold in the power and CLR buttons. The display will now show white lines on the screen. This means the machine is in update mode.


4.) In the folder you downloaded, open "Multi-Target Programmer V6.8".

5.) Click load file and select the update from the download folder "DP2288-C02-USD-EUR-GBP-SCT-NIP(SA19-034)(2019-3-16)".

8.) Click "Update soft".

6.) Provided the machine is still in update mode it should automatically begin to update.

7.) The device will now make a beep and power off

8.) The update is now complete.


If you have any issues with any of the above you can reach us at support@percygroup.co.uk

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